Small mirrors
Big mirrors
Dimensions (rectangular mirrors)
20x20 in (50x50 cm)
24x16 in (60x40 cm)
28x20 in (70x50 cm)
32x24 in (80x60 cm)
39x28 in (100x70 cm)
Dimensions (round mirrors)
Ø16 in (40 cm)
Ø20 in (50 cm)
Ø24 in (60 cm)
Ø28 in (70 cm)
Ø32 in (80 cm)
Ø35 in (90 cm)
Ø39 in (100 cm)
Dimensions (irregular clouds)
19x19 in (48x48 cm)
23x23 (58x58 cm)
27x26 in (68x67cm)
30x30 in (77x77cm)
34x33 in (87x86 cm)
38x37 in (97x96 cm)
Dimensions (semi-circular mirrors)
10x20 in (25x50 cm)
12x24 in (30x60 cm)
14x28 in (35x70 cm)
16x32 in (40x80 cm)
18x36 in (45x90 cm)
20x40 in (50x100 cm)
Dimensions (oval mirrors)
40x70 cm
46x80 cm
52x90 cm
58x100 cm
Dimensions (irregular teardrops)
35x70 cm
40x80 cm
45x90 cm
50x100 cm
Dimensions (organiczne)
19x19 in (48x48 cm)
23x23 (58x58 cm)
27x26 in (68x67cm)
30x30 in (77x77cm)
Dimensions (decorative stain)
16x32 in (40x80 cm)
18x36 in (45x90 cm)
20x40 in (50x100 cm)

Frameless mirrors

There is no doubt that a mirror constitutes one of the most necessary elements of interior furnishings. But sometimes it's hard to choose the right one. What shape? Which size? What frame? Bolder? Or maybe a thin one? Colourful or uniform? If it is the frame that prolongs the decision to buy the right wall mirror, it is worth choosing a frameless mirror! It can be adapted to many different arrangements, without fear that it is going to look bad next to other accessories.

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Stylish frameless mirrors

Why it is worth choosing a frameless mirror? First of all, you can be sure that it will fit various interiors. It will work perfectly in a minimalist arrangement, where carefully selecting the accessories is so important – because the problem of fitting the frame disappears, and the mirror, regardless of its shape, will be an excellent decoration. It also fits into interiors with a modern style, without imposing additional colours and textures, constituting a timeless and universal decoration. What about vintage interiors? Frameless mirrors look great there as well! There is no risk of a conflict between different styles – such mirrors are a safe, timeless, and at the same time interesting solution.

Modern frameless mirrors

Choosing mirrors without a frame, you can save a lot! First of all, time – you no longer have to look for the perfect frame, matching the style and colour to the rest of the room. You also save money – changing the interior design will not require changing the mirror on the wall, which will always fit! It is also the perfect way to manage the space in a maximal and practical manner – you no longer have to worry that the mirror won't fit in the selected place because of its frame. It can be placed on the door of the wardrobe, in a narrow niche, or anywhere where there is room for a bit of good style. Frameless mirrors are also perfect in the bathroom and in a cloakroom, as well as wherever the frame simply does not matter!


Place your bet on universality. A large selection of frameless mirrors can be found in our store, we have round and rectangular mirrors with many different sizes from 40 cm to 100 cm. Check out the offer and choose something perfect for your interior.