Bedroom mirrors

Small mirrors
Big mirrors
Dimensions (rectangular mirrors)
20x20 in (50x50 cm)
24x16 in (60x40 cm)
28x20 in (70x50 cm)
32x24 in (80x60 cm)
39x28 in (100x70 cm)
Dimensions (round mirrors)
Ø16 in (40 cm)
Ø20 in (50 cm)
Ø24 in (60 cm)
Ø28 in (70 cm)
Ø32 in (80 cm)
Ø35 in (90 cm)
Ø39 in (100 cm)
Dimensions (irregular clouds)
19x19 in (48x48 cm)
23x23 (58x58 cm)
27x26 in (68x67cm)
30x30 in (77x77cm)
34x33 in (87x86 cm)
38x37 in (97x96 cm)
Dimensions (irregular teardrops)
35x70 cm
40x80 cm
45x90 cm
50x100 cm
Dimensions (oval mirrors)
40x70 cm
46x80 cm
52x90 cm
58x100 cm

Bedroom mirrors

The bedroom is a place of peace, designed only to regenerate and spend time in blissful rest. But it is also often a place of changing clothes, the first and last care treatments during the day, or contemplating away from the household noise. That is why a mirror in the bedroom constitutes a mandatory element of interior furnishing! It is worth choosing one that will be perfectly suited to both its character and the needs of its users.

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Wall mirror for the bedroom

Choosing a mirror for the bedroom is limited only by imagination. That is because it can include an original, modern frame, or can be completely frameless. You can choose a round mirror, perfect for modern interiors, or place your bet on a classic and rectangular bedroom mirror. With so many possibilities allowing to combine both the needs concerning the purpose of the mirror and the expectation for it to constitute a great interior decoration, perfectly replacing any other elements, the choice won’t be easy but correct, regardless of the selected mirror.

Stylish bedroom mirror

Mirrors for a bedroom wall can give the effect of enlarging the space and brightening it by reflecting natural light. Therefore, they are perfect for small and dark bedrooms. They can also serve a purely decorative function – in such a case it is worth focusing on the frame, which can be extremely decorative, and the shape of the mirror, which will attract attention and perfectly fit into the interior design. Mirrors for bedrooms with LED backlight are also a good solution. They can be mounted above a commode or dressing table, which not only is going to be practical but also extremely effective. In the evening, providing gentle light, they will create a sensual atmosphere in the bedroom. A backlit mirror will also be helpful during daily beauty rituals. How about mounting a mirror over the bed? In such a case a simple, rectangular one or several round mirrors in different sizes will look extremely interesting and add character to the bedroom.

Modern bedroom mirror

Regardless of where you hang a mirror in the bedroom – it will certainly be a beautiful decoration. With a minimalist interior design, it is worth choosing a simple mirror with a rectangular shape, in a timeless frame, in white or black. It will perfectly fit into a calm and toned down interior, in which it is going to emphasize elegance. An interesting solution also consists in frameless mirrors, which are completely universal, perfect for wardrobe doors or for placing in a small niche. Going in a slightly more modern direction, you can choose a round LED mirror with a decorative frame that will amplify the character of the interior, adding dynamism and even more style to it. And what size of the bedroom mirror will be the best? There are no rules here – a large mirror will beautifully illuminate the room and make it look bigger optically, while a small one is going to be an interesting but delicate addition. Or maybe it is worth creating an unusual gallery with smaller mirrors of different shapes? This is a great option for those who love unusual decorations!


When choosing a mirror for the bedroom, it is worth relying only on your own taste. A mirror above the bed certainly looks original, and in turn, one mounted on a different wall with will be practical and functional.


What do you focus on when choosing a mirror for your bedroom? No matter what your reason is – it's important that you can find the perfect model in our store! Check out our offer!