Living room mirrors

Dimensions (rectangular mirrors)
20x20 in (50x50 cm)
24x16 in (60x40 cm)
28x20 in (70x50 cm)
32x24 in (80x60 cm)
39x28 in (100x70 cm)
Dimensions (round mirrors)
Ø16 in (40 cm)
Ø20 in (50 cm)
Ø24 in (60 cm)
Ø28 in (70 cm)
Ø32 in (80 cm)
Ø35 in (90 cm)
Ø39 in (100 cm)

Living room mirrors

Choosing the perfect mirror is definitely not an easy task. Which one to choose? A more decorative one or one that is simple and classic? Round or rectangular? Or maybe one with a backlight? The dilemmas are multiplying, just like… the number of great solutions in the form of stylish mirrors that will work perfectly in any interior! Therefore, it will be easy to find an interesting mirror for the living room, which will add character to the decor.

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Modern mirrors for the living room

Whether you prefer vintage and classic style, or focus on modernity and high gloss – there will be a perfect mirror for every interior, depending on your preferences. A round mirror for the living room will certainly make the room a little more modern, and at the same time it is going to gain cosiness – the rounded shapes of the mirror are delicate and bring positive feelings. Interestingly – round mirrors look extremely original and modern above a commode, which will certainly affect the positive character of the decor. Whereas, a classic rectangular mirror for the living room will make the space visually larger, and at the same time is going to look very elegant. You can also hang several mirrors in various shapes above a large commode or a sofa in the living room, which will create an interesting gallery constituting an original alternative to photos and paintings. As you can see, many options to choose from mean many opportunities.

Stylish mirrors for the living room

When choosing a mirror for the living room, it is worth thinking about buying a mirror with LED backlight - a delicate light will add sensuality to the room. A mirror in the living room can also perform a solely decorative function, if it includes a decorative and interesting frame. It can also be completely minimalist, without a frame – then it will become a timeless decoration that is going to fit perfectly even when changing the decor. It is also worth considering a mirror with a print, which – in the case of minimalism and simplicity in decorating – will constitute a very original element that is going to slightly enliven the interior and certainly attract attention.

For the best mirrors for the living room and more we invite you to visit our store. Regardless of the decor, there will be something interesting there for everyone!